Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beauty and Serenity at the World Tea Expo 2014

Tea Master Yoon Hee Kim at World Expo 2014

Today at the World Tea Expo 2014 in Long Beach California, tea master Yoon Hee Kim demonstrated the beauty and serenity in the traditional Korean tea ceremony.  Yoon Hee Kim is a certified tea master with the Tea Culture Association of Korea and she teaches and performs the traditional art of the Korean Tea Ceremony.  Yoon Hee is also an instructor for the U.S. Tea Association’s SpecialtyTea Institute (STI). [1]


  1. I've seen Yoon Hee Kim perform this ceremony several times and it never gets old. Her movements are so precise and elegant, not something I would ever be capable of :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Nicole. BTW, you're such an inspiration to us!


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