Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pretty Things for Holding Tea at the World Tea Expo 2014

Part of the fun of exploring the convention exhibitions at the World Tea Expo is getting to experience the plethora of beautiful tea objects. Here are photos of a few that were especially beautiful.

Air tight containers for loose leaf tea by Kotodo Takahashi Corporation [1].  They’re wrapped in handmade Japanese washi paper.  Washi paper is a traditionally made from kozo, mitsumata, or gamp plant fibers [2].  These bold colors and prints in distinctively Japanese style really make a lively statement.

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Grace Tea Ware classic fine china from Coastline Imports. Coastline Imports had delicate bone china tea sets with flower decoration and soft pastel colors.  These tea pots and cups are in a style that I imagine my grandmother, her grandmother, and of course I too, would love to use to serve tea. 

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Heirloom tea sets for children by Reutter PorcelainI’ve never had a Peter Rabbit tea set, but somehow looking at these, made me nostalgic.  Reutter Porcelain is of German-made miniature craftsmanship. [3]

[1] US contact: Focus American Corporation


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