Monday, June 10, 2013

Embarrassing Tea Moment at the World Tea Expo 2013.

Despite being surrounded by tea and tea merchants everywhere on the convention floor of the World Tea Expo 2013, I still managed to have an embarrassing tea moment. 

“Are these cute little golden balls chocolates?”  I asked the exhibitor at a Taiwanese company’s table.  She had the good graces not to laugh.  No, these delicate looking bon bons exquisitely wrapped in golden foil and arrayed in a beautiful tin box were balls of tea.  Expensive little balls of aged Pu-erh tea sized for individual cups.

In the next aisle, when I saw sparkling silver and gold bon bon looking balls at another exhibitor table, I made up for my earlier mistake.  I proudly marched up to the exhibitor and regaled her with my knowledge of Pu-erh.  She said that she was pleased that I didn't think the balls were chocolates like so many other expo attendees!  She then gifted me with lots of samples of both raw and ripe Pu-erh.  I can't wait to try them back home!

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