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Mango Bubble Tea at Zencha, Columbus OH
In the window of ZenCha Tea Salon there was a sign  that said "Wanted - Tea Ambassadors."  If I lived in Columbus Ohio, I’d consider applying.  “Enthusiasm” in learning about tea and in promoting tea and tea culture is what ZenCha seeks in its tea ambassadors, a.k.a. tea support staff.  That sounds like me!   

ZenCha on High St, Columbus, OH
ZenCha believes that tea is a common bond between ethnic and cultural diversity across the globe.  To further this common bond, ZenCha offers teas from all over the world and also blends teas to capture the styles of the some of the major tea regions.  For its “Arabic series” of tea, ZenCha combines black tea with spices and fruits found in Arabia.  My favorite from this series is Cardimon Ginger and I buy packets of it in loose leaf to bring home.

ZenCha in Bexley, Columbus, OH

Recently at ZenCha, I ordered a mango bubble tea made the old fashion way, as explained by ZenCha owner Jean Wu.   Bubble tea is sweet latte tea with a number of tapioca “bubbles” or balls in it.  Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and is extremely popular there today.  Zencha’s bubble tea is still made from real brewed tea, real milk, and real natural ingrediants, unlike some bubble tea sellers today, who now use food dye, powdered tea and powdered milk.

ZenCha inside in Bexley, Columbus OH
With a tea philosophy based on the principles of “Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility,” ZenCha seeks to create environments where customers feel a sense of relaxation for a “Zen” tea experience.  I found that the garden in the window of their High St. location and the art work and soothing colors at their Bexley location both lead me to Zen tea moments.  It must be working for other customers too - judging by the way they linger     

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