Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frothy Tea Adds Festivities to Tea Dream's Anniversary

It’s been 12 months since we began sharing our dreams of tea.  To celebrate our one year anniversary, we returned to the site of our first blog posting, Le Pain Quotidien in Old Town, Virginia.  This bakery chain was founded in Brussels and sells organic breads, cakes, light food fare, and delicious teas.  

I ordered a chai tea.  To my surprise, the chai tea looked quite festive.  It was as if it were decorated just for our blog celebration.  The tea arrived in a handsome red cup, perfectly round with no handle.  The surface of the tea liquid was divided in three frothy sections with complimenting colors of sprinkled spices.

Even before I tasted the tea, I couldn’t help but smile.  I was tickled at the playful presentation.  Yes, I realize that I can become quite happy just at the sight of beautiful tea.  I’m not used to having froth at all in my tea.  Except for green tea lattes, teas where I’m from in the U.S. are generally not frothy. Froth is made from whipped or steamed milk.
For what I ordered, chai tea, milk is frequently added as it is prepared.  When I make chai at home with dairy milk, soy milk or even almond milk, there isn’t any froth. Now that I’ve seen how delightful it can be, I might have to add creating and styling froth to my tea repertoire. 

Having a pretty froth design in my chai tea was a nice way to herald the second year of our tea blog.  We have discussed all things tea, ranging from tea popsicles to tea terminology.  Some of my favorite postings have been about Japanese tea pottery, Chinese dynastic tea fashions, equestrian tea salons and Indian-style chai wallahs selling on U.S. streets.  This year, stay tuned for more on all things tea!

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